Expanded metal facades:
the best solutions


The world of architecture has found in expanded metal mesh a precious calling card to highlight and give personality to buildings. An expanded metal facade paves the way for new expressive and aesthetic forms, thanks to customized solutions and the material’s versatility. Here is how.

Benefits of using expanded metal mesh in architecture

Facades are not merely the external cladding of a structure or a means to shield interior spaces from weather elements. They can transform into tailor-made, elegant, and communicative suits.

A cladding made of expanded metal takes on entirely new and unique dimensions, distinguishing a project in an indelible manner. Its use adapts to various types of constructions: from residential buildings to commercial ones, from trade fairs to company headquarters and offices, from schools to hospitals, from museums to cultural centres.

With their transparency, perforated meshes establish a connection between exterior and interior. They fully optimize light, enhancing the architectural ensemble and becoming a factor of well-being, illuminating the spaces where people move and interact.

The ability to work with cuts, curves and folds proves essential for expanded metal used in facades. Whether they are semi-finished panels or with various shapes, they can be easily installed according to each requirement.

Painting and anodizing techniques (thanks to which the expanded metal is resistant to corrosion) make cladding meshes even more flexible for architects and designers. Colour demands are satisfied while ensuring long-term resistance to the passage of time, external agents, and wear.


A flexible material


Panels for external cladding can be configured according to shapes, thickness and dimensions. Customized production plays a key role in completing projects while accommodating design or space constraints.

The lightweight nature of the mesh allows it to complement other materials such as glass, iron, and wood, in a sustainable and harmonious way. Its transparency, on the other hand, makes the visual impact of the cladding nearly imperceptible. The combination of these features, along with the numerous colour variations, imparts an airy and iconic quality to the structure.

The qualities of expanded metal

Consequently, claddings become surfaces that reflect light, create geometric interplays and launch new designs. The three-dimensional depth of expanded metal mesh, along with the variations between solid and void spaces, guarantees movement and liveliness, dispelling static and immobility.

However, expanded metal mesh is not merely about aesthetics. It is designed and crafted to meet safety and energy efficiency requirements.

  • It undergoes bearing capacity tests and ensure engineering quality, resisting factors such as seismic movements and mechanical stresses.
  • It facilitates air circulation in enclosed spaces, easing the dispersion of smoke and harmful substances.
  • It boasts remarkable longevity, significantly reducing – if not eliminating – maintenance costs.
  • It optimizes the passage of exterior light while acting as a sunscreen element.
  • It reinforces thermal insulation through the application of special panels that do not compromise transparency and lightness.

Giving life and soul to a structure has never been so easy.

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