Expanded metal fencing


Expanded metal is a solution that ensures both robustness and aesthetics. For this reason, it is a highly appreciated option for creating facades in various contexts: for commercial as well as industrial structures, but not limited to them. Expanded metal is also adopted for residential buildings.

Brightness and privacy

It can become an interior design element thanks to its modern and contemporary design that expresses itself through shapes and colours. Alternatively, it can be considered for the construction of elegant and visually light and unobtrusive fences, still ensuring the privacy of those who live in outdoor spaces like courtyards and gardens.

Thanks to the numerous types of sheets and the various widths in which it is produced, expanded metal fencing creates diverse visual effects. For example, while appearing transparent from one side, it provides shading from the others. This is the result of a play of perspectives made possible by the open areas on the surface and the geometric shapes it assumes.


Elegance and functionality


Expanded metal fencing comes in various shapes, including:

  • square;
  • hexagonal;
  • rhomboidal;
  • wavy.

Depending on the size of the openings, which make the mesh more open or closed, the observer’s view changes. In the case of a more compact fence, the goal is to strengthen the privacy of the spaces from the outside. At the same time, it allows for a wide and comprehensive view for those observing from the inside out, thanks to the angles of the cuts.

Functionality easily combines with elegance, incorporating finishing elements that add grace and lightness to the metal mesh, depending on its intended use. The same product can then be installed as a fence for houses, commercial areas or artisanal and industrial production sites, with the necessary adjustments


A customized product

Expanded metal is indeed very much appreciated and valued for its versatility. The manufacturing process is unique: no material is wasted and it is possible to produce up to 3 meters of expanded metal panels with just one meter of initial material.

This process, in addition to making it particularly sustainable, allows for the creation of customized products. Depending on the client’s requirements, standard-sized panels or custom-sized panels can be used. It is a sort of tailor-made suit that perfectly fits the customer’s needs.

An expanded metal fencing has a final price that considers the manufacturing process it undergoes. Advanced painting and anodizing techniques enable the release of a variety of colour options, from RAL colours to custom requests.

Painting plays an important role in reinforcing long-term preservation, with long-term warranties against corrosion (up to twenty years).


Transparency and play of light

Transparency and shading transform expanded metal into a sunscreen component. When used as a fence, it allows for enjoyable and relaxing outdoor living spaces.

The natural illumination generated by sunlight is not eliminated or nullified but becomes less intense and bothersome due to the variable openings of the mesh. Solar radiation control primarily enhances thermal comfort near glass walls, serving as a sunshade for indoor spaces.

Shapes, openings and bending contribute to the creation of light and reflection effects that further highlight refined aesthetic solutions and add character and originality.

They also facilitate ventilation. In this way, the air circulation does not collide with an impassable metal wall. Instead, outdoor moments become even more pleasant, away from prying and invasive eyes.

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